Adam and Eve

The Angel, Adam

Adam is a brother of the Nephilim, a species of giants that are the children of fallen angels and human women. Unlike his brothers, who grew unnaturally large, he remained the size of an average human and sprouted wings. He and his brothers are called "the fallen ones," since they're neither divine or human, meaning they are neither excepted on Earth, nor in Heaven. Adam looks longingly up into the sky, seeking God, but is unable to see Him.

The Mermaid, Eve

Eve is a half animal half human hybrid. Unlike human beings, she lacks an immortal soul, meaning that once she dies, she will cease to exist. She longs for the world above just as any person would, but cannot reach it. She and Adam are alike in that they desire that which is beyond them, but find themselves unable to reach it due to their nature. They bond over this common desire and fall hopelessly in love.