That's right, we have a bakery!

Pies and cookies happen to also be some of our "genesis creations." Healthy sweets at affordable prices. Buying our baked goods is a great way to support us directly. If you happen to swing by Houston Texas, be sure to place an order!


Cookies - $6 per dozen

Shortbread Cookies - $3 per dozen

Chocolate chip - $7 per dozen

 Homemade Oreos - $10 per dozen 

Apple and Sweet Potato Pies - $15

We also take requests for pies and cookies that aren't on the menu :) 

Regular Cookie Menu


Chocolate chip 




Fudge cookies

Crinkle cookies

Sugar cookies

Brown sugar bars

Mexican wedding

No-Bake Egg Free Chocolate Oatmeal cookies

Dairy-free Menu:


Mexican Cinnamon 

Oatmeal Crispies 

Chewy Maple

Molasses Crackle

Soft Honey

Anise and Wine

Jumbo Chocolate Cut-outs

Cinnamon Sugar Crackle

Joe Froggers

All cookies can be made without egg, with applesauce or banana purée as a substitute.

Butter can be substituted with lard or tallow. 

To place an order, text or call (832) 558-1415‬ 

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