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For fans of bands like Carpenter Brut,  Avenging America is a brand new heavy metal band with heart pounding music. Listen to their single "Trilogy" on spotify and follow @avengingamerica on Instagram!

For fans of pop music, Franco Aurelio is the artist for you! Songs like "The Godly Man" and "i love you eternally" will give you chills! You can find his work on spotify and follow him on Instagram: @francoaureliomusic 

Visual Artists

The Conservative Creator is an artist who creates stunning apparel and accessories for conservatives. If liberals aren't afraid to show off their values, you shouldn't either! Check out her website linked below.

Speaking of conservative values,  @galaxy_unicorn_art is an Instagram artist who draws the prettiest patriotic ponies you'll ever see!  If you're a fan cute equestrian aesthetics, support her by buying from her store!

Comic Artists

Tired of  comic book companies shoving social justice down your throat? Have no fear, for the Rippaverse is here to save the day! Created by writer and producer Eric July, Rippaverse Comics is a company for comic readers by comic readers. Check out their website below!

Splat Rabbit is a Tex Avery inspired web comic created by artist B.Z. Tollinger.  Hilarious and expertly drawn,  this rabbit is sure to bring belly laughs and clever critiques of modern society. Follow on Instagram!