Mission Statement

It's no secret that the western art industry and media are dominated by liberal ideology.  Hollywood, Broadway, and your local art college (most likely) all contain mostly liberals. Why is this a problem?

You may think you know the answer to this question. One might say that the problem is that "radical liberals force their beliefs into their work, and often focus more on the message rather than telling a good story." This may be true, however the root of the problem is much deeper than most people realize.

To truly understand this issue, the first question we must ask ourselves is this:

What is art?

You'd likely get a number of different answers from different people. The most common answer I've heard is that it's "self-expression." This mindset isn't entirely accurate, and can lead to works being self-indulgent. Another is that art is "the communication of emotion," which is a bit closer to the truth. Art can use emotion as a tool to tell a story or get a message across, but it isn't the sole purpose of art. This line of thinking leads to the insult to the human experience that snobby elites refer to as "modern art."

In reality, 

Art is a redemptive representation of truth.

From the Sistine Chapel to Walt Disney Studios, (before it went full-on liberal,) art is and always has been a reflection of the truth of the human experience. What do I mean by the word "redemptive?" 

In Philosopher Roger Scruton's documentary, Why Beauty Matters, he compares "Un Lit Defait," a painting of a messy bed, to "Tracy Emin's Bed," a literal messy bed that's considered an art piece. What makes a painting of a messy bed an art piece as opposed to a literal messy bed? The answer is simple. Painter Eugene Delacroix used the medium of paint to express the small bits of beauty in what would otherwise be distasteful. However chaotic, there is beauty in the chaos that most wouldn't otherwise be able to see just by looking at the subject of the painting. 

Art is redemptive because it shows truth and beauty that can't be shown in any other way.

You might be thinking "that sounds great and all, but what does this have to do with liberalism?"  

As anyone might know after speaking with a leftist, liberalism is by nature ignorance and/or denial of reality. From the truth of biological sex to personhood in the womb, liberalism, when taken to its extreme, denies truth. As anyone who knows how to tell a good story, truth needs to be implemented in a story, otherwise it'll fall apart pretty quickly. A good story has to be believable, (i.e. reflective of truth,) in order to be good, or else the immersion is broken. This explains why stories with explicit liberal agendas are always bad, because they are in denial of truth, which is the antithesis of what art ought to be. 

Sorry Marvel, but Natalie Portman playing Thor despite her character being an average person with terminal cancer isn't believable.

I can already hear neckbeards reading this and saying "but a radio active spider biting a kid from queens and giving him super powers isn't very believable either...does that make Spider-Man bad???" On the contrary my dear redditor, what makes a plot believable isn't necessarily a realistic situation, but realistic characters as well as a truthful motif. I could go on for ages about this, but it's a topic for another day.

The point is that good art needs to express the beauty of its subject, however unapparent it may seem, and it should express truth, and by extension be believable.

Even though our focus will be to create art without liberal influence, this doesn't mean we intend to force messages in the opposite direction down your throat. In good art, the truth it portrays will come from it naturally, and doesn't have to be forced.

At Genesis Creations LLC, our goal will be to provide jobs for non-liberal artists, and to above all create good art in as many mediums as possible

This will not be a conservative media company,

rather an anti-liberal media company.

Here is a documentary we highly recommend: