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Original Works

The Ballad of Langley Dangley

A long and surreal poem available to read in our poetry collection, "Melancholic Contentment." This story was always envisioned as a children's picture book that teaches the values of delayed gratification and meaningful work. 

Two creatures made of clay and mud known as the Langley and the Dangley live in a small village in a swampy creek. While resting in their tree stump house after a long day of work, they're visited by the Wirlman, a colorful creature that offers them special candy. What will they do next? Head to the "shop" tab and buy our book to find out!

My Friend Julie

An Original Novel by Gen Ponce

A hazy grey blurs my vision. I find myself in a dark building, isolated from time and space. A short girl with dark brown skin stands right in front of me. She stares up at me with black, slanted, wayward eyes. The skin on her face sags slightly, as though it could melt like wax and slowly slide off her skull. Despite that I recognize her. She’s a girl I used to go to school with. 

          Today is May 26th. She’s going to die on May 27th. 

“Julia,” I muster through a tight throat with breathless lungs, “Listen to me, whatever you do, don’t…”

         Everything slowly fades away. I wake up. 

Artwork by Defne Sakalli 


A graphic novel romance/thriller series. At a High School in Ottawa Kansas, Sophomores Peter Reilly and Lilith Reeve fall in love. Reilly originally asks her out after being dared to "date the weird girl" by his friends, but they soon realize they have more in common then they realize. After a year of dating, Lilith reveals something to Peter that she's never told anyone before: something that could fundamentally change their relationship.

Project Michael

A Triple A beat 'em up title inspired by games like God of War , Doom  and Dante's Inferno. The player would take on the role of Saint Michael the Archangel and slaughter demons at the Second Coming.


In the 27th century, two brothers and their dad run the most renown undead clean-up business in the galaxy: Intergalactic Necromorphic Outbreak Control LLC. With so many planets infested with zombie outbreaks, these three have a lot of work on their hands!

This would likely start off as a graphic novel series, but would ideally become a TV show one day: think Cowboy Bebop meets Guardians of the Galaxy  meets Ghostbusters meets every zombie apocalypse ever. 

Cultura Imaginarium

A Fantasia  inspired collection of animated short films, adapting modern and classical music with stunning visuals.

I.N.O.C LLC : The Staff

Michael Del Campo

A strategist and technological prodigy, Michael has a natural talent for invention and engineering. He's the youngest in the group and prefers to deal with hoards as efficiently as possible, while  also keeping as much distance from them as possible. He takes after his father, riding a jet pack over the hoards and blasting them to chunky bits from up above. He has a pair of goggles which are programed with optimized with A.I. that helps him calculate the best weapons for different scenarios.

He passionately tinkers, and is a bit of a shut in. His family often worries that he doesn't socialize enough, and tries to get him out of the shuttle and onto solid ground. They hope maybe he could meet someone and fall in love, but he doesn't have much interest in that. He'd rather dedicate his life to machines and the extermination of zombies for good.

Mateo "Mat" Del Campo

A heavy hitter who gets his hands dirty, Mat's the oldest brother and prefers to deal with the hoards up close and personal. Rather than hovering above them and shooting from the sky on a jet pack, Mat prefers melee weapons, most of all his trusty chainsaw, Lucy. She's been with him through thick and thin and can tear off the heads of ten dozen zombies at once! This is due to the chainsaw's retractable blade, which can extend up to fifteen feet.

Mat likes to work out in his spare time, and considers himself something of an anti-industrialist. He thinks technology makes people weak, and thinks it's best to use it as little as possible. He constantly pokes fun of his little brother for all his gadgets, and tells him he could be strong if he just got on the ground and fought like a man!

He doesn't much care for his uniform, but wears it nonetheless out of respect for his father and the company.

Joaquin Del Campo

A legend and an old-timer, Joaquin is one of the founders of I.N.O.C. and was inspired to start the company by his late wife, who sadly passed away due to stomach cancer. After watching her father die at the hands of the undead, she swore to to do everything in her power to end the infectious hoards. She and Joaquin founded the company, and since her death he and his sons continue her legacy.

He takes pride in the fact that he and his two sons can clear an entire planet in three days to a week depending on the size, unlike other companies which usually take upwards of a month. He's always sure to include that in marketing, and explains that their efficiency comes from a combination of strategy, advanced technology and brute force. He prefers to do things the old fashioned way: not outright rejecting the use of technology, but also thinks that 70% his younger son's inventions are a waste of time and resources. But as long as Michael pays for his own stuff, Joaquin doesn't complain.


Creative Commons/Public Domain Works

The Little Mermaid

Not the Disney version, the original story by Hans Christian Anderson. Without the constraints of general audience branding, we can create an animated adaptation of  Anderson's fairytale that's true to the story. Rather than a simplified narrative about pursuing shallow appetites, this version will return the spiritual and otherworldly aspects as well as the tragedy that made this fairytale so brilliant. 

The Divine Comedy

An epic animated trilogy that adapts The Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso  by Italian Poet Dante Alighieri.  It'll have the thematic grandeur of  Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings  films, the stunning realistic artwork and  maturity  of Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue, and the beauty of the original source material. 

Here's a good video about what Disney's version of The Little Mermaid is missing...


Copyrighted Works

(These would be free to read webcomics in the worst case scenario)

My Brother died when he was a child. He kept talking.

A chilling short story by reddit user u/TheEmporersFinest with a self-explanatory title. It poses a fantastic opportunity for animated horror. 

A grieving family loses one of their sons to terminal cancer. Right after he passes, the boy's twin brother hears crackles whispers escaping the lips of his brother's corpse. His parents, terrified and confused, call for the hospital staff to figure out what exactly is going on. None of them know, until a man with a business coat and a clean cut silver beard enters the scene. He claims to be a from a medical institution that studies cases like this. They all soon find out that it's up to the living twin to decipher the message of the dead one.

The Scariest Haunted House in the World

A fun yet thrilling short story by reddit user u/deadnspread. A cynical kid gets dragged to a local  haunted house. It appears like a cheaply put together experience at first, but as these characters soon learn, looks can be deceiving.

The Underland Chronicles

Written by Suzanne Collins, author of the best-selling series The Hunger Games, this is some of her more underrated work. Since I first got lost in these books in middle school, it's been my dream to turn them into an animated series. Though it would have some humorous and bizarre moments, this series would also contain the same viscera you'd find in The Hunger Games

Gregor lives in New York with his grandma, mother, and little sister. His father disappeared  a while ago, but he can't figure out why. One afternoon while doing laundry, his little sister falls down an air vent. In a desperate panic, he rushes down after her and finds that they're falling down a long and dark hole that seems to go on forever. When they finally reach the bottom, they come across large bugs, bats, and a whole other race of human beings who've evolved to live underground. Bewildered at first, Gregor soon discovers that this strange world might be more connected to him than he realizes.


Written by Alex Flinn, this novel follows the story of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast, but from the perspective of the beast in early 2000s New York.

This may seem like an odd choice for adaptation to some, (especially considering the relative critical failure of its already existing film adaptation,) however this novel has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years. While it's difficult to explain, this novel has all the makings of a tongue and cheek yet heart-warming animated mini-series. Animation as a medium already requires one's suspension of disbelief, so it makes it much easier to sell such a far-fetched premise to an audience. 

If the rights for such a project can't be attained by the author, the next best thing would be for a free-to-read web comic to exist.