Expansion Plans

The Library

We plan to release more literature and graphic novels in the future! To help us make this a reality, please consider supporting us by purchasing a copy of "Melancholic Contentment" on lulu.com!

The Gallery

Original artwork and merchandise will be available for purchase in our online store! To help us make this a reality, please consider supporting us via redbubble purchases!

Bently's Performing Arts Company

Are you a dancer or an actor looking for a job opportunity that doesn't require you to be vaccinated? Are you sick of leftist agendas in the theater? Join Bentley's Performing Arts Company! Dance, Theater, Music, any performance art will be found here!

Studio Genesis

Do you enjoy good movies and TV, but don't want to support massive media corporations that hate you? Angel Studios is a great option for those who enjoy live action films and children's media, but for those looking for horror, surreal fairytales and adult animation, we've got your back!

We may dabble in media for audiences aged 7+, but we intend to mostly aim at audiences aged 15+ and 18+.

Ponce Interactive Arts

Our second most ambitious company expansion, Ponce Interactive would be a Video Game Studio that would allow for the creation of games that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Original works as well as (a slim possibility of) official remakes!

Hope Tv

Our most ambitious project, Hope TV will be likely the least expensive streaming service of all time: only $3 a month! Access to the service with ads will be free, and for $5 a month customers can have one DVD of their choice mailed to their home, similar to how Audible makes one audiobook accessible to its customers for a monthly fee.